The system is built over the following standards and tools:

  • Flask a Python based micro-framework for handling server requests and responses.
  • JSON-LD as the preferred data format.
  • Hydra as the API standard.
  • SQLAlchemy as the backend database connector for storage and related operations.

Apart from this, there are also various Python packages that Hydrus uses. Using python install installs all the required dependencies.

NOTE: You’ll need to use python3 not python2.


To run a demo for Hydrus using the sample API, just do the following:

Clone Hydrus:

git clone

Change directory and switch to the develop branch:

cd hydrus

git checkout -b develop origin/develop

Install hydrus using:

pip install .


python install

and run the server using:

hydrus serve

The demo should be up and running on http://localhost:8080/serverapi/.


For more info, head to the Usage section of the wiki.


If you run into any error try the Github search mechanism or the search tool at our Gitter or send a message.