Starting contributing

  1. Read the blog posts from GSOC 2017: Lorenzo Chris Akshay
  2. Having a general understanding of RDF: Wikipedia - Google Scholar: especially the concept of representing data in triples.
  3. Having a general understanding of Linked Data
  4. Having a general understanding of JSON-LD
  5. Read the old HYDRA Draft and updated specifications. Very important is the current work done for Draft’s use-cases
  6. Read this seminal paper about Web APIs. This other paper explains different use cases for graphs applied to databases.
  7. Read Hydra-CG gitbook
  8. Read hydrus WIKI. Run hydrus and try to set up a basic API. Read the documentation
  9. If you want to have fun with a more dynamic demo, run hydra-flock-demo
  10. There are different rooms in Gitter in which to interact with other contributors:
  11. Read the other blogposts in our Medium Publication

General guidelines to contributing

About OpenSource and Github

Asking for help

Opening a Pull Request


Worth knowing

Design annotations